Montgomery County, Maryland, Upcoming Pay-To-Attend Political Events

Upcoming Pay-to-Attend Political Events in Montgomery County, Maryland, for the 2018 Election
Some events also have pay-what-you-can, to allow those who are not wealthy to attend.

My name is Paul M. Bessel and my email address for additions or changes to this list is

Democratic Primary Election – June 26, 2018
General Election – November 6, 2018

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Please, anyone, send me an email – – NOT Facebook messenger, to let me know of any others events you think should be on this list.

I’ll edit this list, or make new postings, as I find out about more free or pay-to-attend events I think are of interest to politically-minded people in MoCo. Please email me with any suggestions you have.

I strongly encourage candidates to have options for “pay-what-you-can” without checking on what someone pays so voters who are financially challenged can attend your events without embarrassment. Saying you will give waivers for those who request them is not the same thing, as that forces those who can’t afford contributions to embarrass themselves.


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