Hi, I’m Paul Bessel. On this website I have 3 lists, that you can get to by hitting the names in the blue area above.

My email address for any additions, changes, or corrections to my political lists is paul@paulbessel.com

If anyone would like to assist me to have as complete a list of candidates and political events as possible, I would be most grateful. The best way to give me this information is by email. My email address is paul@paulbessel.com

1. Candidates in Montgomery County, Maryland, in 2018 for all offices, and showing name, party, whether filed, announced, or rumored, and for certain offices whether they are using public financing and if so, are they certified — meaning they have collected at least the minimum to be certified and actually receive public money

2. All upcoming free political events in Montgomery County, Maryland, that I am aware of.

3. All upcoming fundraisers or events you have to pay to attend in Montgomery County, Maryland, that I am aware of.

If you do not know what districts you are in and who represents  you, you can find all your representatives, plus other information at https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/PollingPlaceSearch





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